Xtendedmusic Agency Ltd. delivers you the best artists for your event or festival and provides services in event production, marketing, promotion and project management.


Xtendedmusic Agency is a company based in Helsinki, Finland. The CEO & founder Mr. Sami Vepsalainen is also one of the founding members of Weekend Festival and has worked with hundreds of live events, talent bookings and concert productions in various roles in the past 10 years from Lil Wayne to Jennifer Lopez, from Paul Anka to David Guetta and Green Day. Xtendedmusic Agency offers booking services for festivals and live entertainment promoters in Finland, Baltics and abroad. We have strong connections with other international talent agencies in Europe and US. We work with all music genres - good entertainment has no boundaries.

In the past three years we have booked acts for Weekend Festival, Waterland Festival, Sunset Park Festival, RMJ Festival, Spotlight Festival, Aurafest, Simerock, Club Hollywood, Big Day Festival and many other events in many different venues and clubs in Finland and Estonia.

We believe in long-term relationships and win-win scenarios where all of our business partners and talent will successfully fill their role and build success together. Music and entertainment industry can sometimes feel complicated and we are out on a mission to make things a little more easy-going, efficient and hassle free. If you require a professional talent booking service, marketing services, a push for your product, brand or service we are ready to serve.


With over 10 years of experience as an independent contractor in entertainment industry we have a lot of experience working with different industries. From building a large-scale festival to consulting event organizers of all sorts offering support in marketing and branding, we can provide useful tools and help our customers to enhance their processes. We are well experienced in collaborating with various brands and connecting them with brand influencers, live music events and festivals.

Our references include working with brands such as Huawei, Samsung, Genelec and Tesla Motors to name a few. We can easily connect your brand with a fitting talent or help you gain visibility for your products or service trough event marketing. In case you are a brand manager looking for new ways to connect with your customers - we can offer plenty of solutions for content creation and marketing.

Sami Vepsalainen
CEO / Manager